Eye Lash Technician

Hanna Martino

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203 S Main St, DuBois, PA

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Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers attached to your natural lashes with an eye safe adhesive. Each client must follow up with proper after care. The different eyelash looks can range from classic/natural sets to voluminous, fluffy sets. Lash extensions are great for people who don't care for applying mascara every single day. This service normally takes 90 minutes. The results are beautiful and flattering.

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Esthers Hair Haven

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At Esther's Hair Haven, we are blessed to follow our dream to make our hair salon into much much more. We are Italian trained in cutting and coloring hair, and we strive to use the best products that are natural and organic. We are exclusively trained in Farmhouse Fresh products for Nails and Toes. For your skin, our esthetician works closely with a holistic doctor to find the optimal skincare program, to find the best makeup and lashes for you!

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