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Priority Media - Local Media Serving Our Community

“Adversity is preparation for greatness.” – Andy Andrews

Adversity… As a community, we’d never faced more adversity than we did during the pandemic.  Together we made it through the worst of Covid-19 and now we look to the future. 

Through it all the team at Priority Media gave you the local information you needed, when you needed it and where you wanted it, by using the combined power of local radio, social media, local station websites and our daily email news update Tri-County Insider.  The reach of local media has never been stronger.

Our amazing business community members survived the pandemic with resilience, and continually adapt business models to the ever-changing rules and regulations to serve their clients and customers.  It’s not easy being in business, yet our local businesses do the best they can with what they have every day.

So let’s celebrate our local business community!  The Best of Tri-county is a chance to engage our listeners, fans and followers once again as they vote for their favorite local businesses in over 100 various categories.  We hope you will agree that this is a worthwhile initiative and participate with us.

At Priority Media, we recognize the responsibility and embrace the opportunity we have as media professionals, and we’re grateful to be able to leverage the power of localism in broadcasting and media to make a difference in the communities we serve.